Frequently Asked Questions

- The company's activity must be only in construction without other activities.

- The capital should be not less than 25000 RO.

- A Proof of non-conviction certificate.

- Provide a proof of financial solvency of the partners.

- The company has a fixed place and registered with the competent authorities.

- The owner must be discharged from work or one of the partners .


- The contract of commercial agency or any amendment should be written and attested by Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As for the Agencies which are its contracts conducted outside Oman it must be ratified by implementing regulation.

- The contract should contain following:

     1. Name and nationality of the agent and client.

     2. Money, goods and services that is covered by agency and the commercial names (if any).

     3. Rights and obligations of both agent and the client.

     4. the period of agency agreement.

     5. The agent’s work area

- The contract between the producer or the original supplier in the origin country should be without a broker, if the product has more than an origin country then the contract is signed with any of them.

- Fill in the form of industrial license application

- Study the issue and approval

- Industrial license is issued

- Certificate of conformity of the product

- A copy of the commercial registration certificate and Computer Form

- A copy of catalogs equipment

- Fill in the form of industrial license application (new)

- Land sketch or approval of provision of the land by relevant

- Economic and technical feasibility study of production method of the project ( if required )

- Catalogs of machinery and equipment

The fees for renewal of commercial registration for individual institution is around 30 R.O and company fees is around 40 R.O. Delay payment is 2 R.O per month.

- A contract of sale shares

- Attending two parties

- Meeting Minutes of board of directors 

- Contract rate

- Original and copy from ID card or passport

- A copy of affiliation certificate

- A contract of commercial mortgage

- The attendance of two parties (the present - the mortgagee)

- Original and copy of ID card or passport

- A copy of affiliation certificate

- Bank approval on mortgage


The request should submit to one of marketing companies with following documents:

- A report of economic feasibility study.

- Property of ownership of the land that will be established in a station or be a tenant under a lease from the government or government land usufruct contract provided that be customized for use (commercial or residential / commercial).

- It must not be less than the proposed site area ​​about 2600 square meters, except in justifying of economic feasibility and the need of the region and according to technical and planning standards accredited to the concerned authorities that the area is not less than 1,500 square meters.

-Replace regular ID card supported by another technology electronic certification (Civil Affairs)

-Slice replace another subsidized phone technology electronic certification (Omantel /   Ooreedo)

-Go to the self-service devices of the Digital Oman (available in shopping malls)

The agreement aims at the prevention of making technical regulations, the standards, and Conformity assessment procedures unnecessary barriers to trade. Hence, the agreement encourages the countries to apply the international specifications and measures when applicable , but it does not require them to change their own protection standards as a result of the standard unification . The TBT agreement came to existence during the Tokyo talks 1978, and covered then all the technical factors that effect trade, such as the health of food , man and animals, in addition to testing procedures, inspection and labeling. Within the frame of Uruguay talks 1994, both the provisions and procedures of Sanitary and Phytosanitary were separated from the TBT agreement, and formed a separate agreement named “agreement of Sanitary and Phytosanitary standards” (SPS). Accordingly, the scope of the TBT agreement was confined on the procedures that concerning both the consumer and the trade. The agreement encompasses many basic axes, some of which are the non-discrimination principle between the national goods and the similar exported ones, also the transparency through publishing and announcement principle,and making available the information services about regulations, technical systems and Conformity assessment procedures whether in place or suggested.

Notification is the process of announcing and publishing about the national procedures, whether new accommodated or developed (updated) , that might affect the global trade or differs in its technical content from the international procedures and recommendations whether applied or under preparation. The notification takes place during the initial stage of the preparation process (the draft). Then both the member states and the concerned parts within the sultanate or out of it are given a term of 60 days for deliberation and to provide their insights about it except in urgencies where the applying takes place instantly without giving a term for deliberation.

 The inventor's idea in connection with products or processes, in all fields of technology, provided that the idea is new, involves an inventive step and is capable of industrial application.

A document that proves an official right to be the only person to make, use or sell a product or an invention for a period of 20 years from the filing date.

A new invention that involves a sufficiently inventive step and is industrially applicable. The utility model certificate expires 10 years after the filing date of the application for the certificate.

A document that establishes a presumption of the validity and enforceability of the right to prevent 0thers from exploiting the registered right in Oman for 10 years from the date of filing.

Patents protect the rights of their holders. A patent expires 20 years after the date of the filing of application.

A patent confers on its owner the right to prevent third parties from exploiting the patented invention in Oman.

Patents encourage inventors as they protect their and prevent third parties from exploiting their inventions in any way.

Patents actually cover all ways of life from electric light to the ball point pens. Inventors, in order to obtain patents, have to disclose their inventions publicly and consequently enrich technological know-how worldwide. This encourages inventive and creative work. Patents do not only protect their owners, but also provide us with valuable knowledge.

An invention is patentable if it is new, involves an inventive step and is industrially applicable. An invention is new if it is not anticipated by prior art.

Patents and utility certificates are granted by the national patent office or the regional office which serves many countries, such as the European Patent Office and the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization. An applicant seeks protection in one country or more> each country shall then decide whether to grant such protection or not> In the Sultanate of Oman, the power to grant a patent or a utility certificate lies with the Department of Intellectual Property, at the Ministry of Commerce  and Industry or the GCC Patent Office in Riyadh.

At the moment there is no international patent. One should apply for patents in all countries where he seeks protection.
Any person residing in or a citizen of a state party to the Patent Cooperation Treaty may file an international application for the protection of inventions.

Some national and regional patent offices provide on-line databases free of charge. Also the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) provides electronic database of the international applications published under the Patent Cooperation Treaty since 1978.

The electronically available group of laws (Freedom) facilitates access to intellectual property legislations of a lot of countries, as well as the IP treaties and conventions administered by WIPO.

Opposition to a trademark published in the Official Gazette is a right that can be exercised by any interested person in accordance with relevant procedures and after payment of the prescribed fees.
The term of opposition is 90 days from the date of publication.

According to the Industrial Rights Protection Law No.67/2008 and the Regulations thereunder, a software is not patentable. However, it can be protected under the Copyright Law. And if the invention is a hardware accompanied with its operation software, it can be patentable.

It is essential to file the patent application before disclosing the details of the invention or commencing marketing it as disclosing the invention may hinder its obtaining the required protection as it will be considered to have lost one of the most important requirements of patentability……….being new. Also the invention itself, as an idea, may be stolen by others. 

- Fill the application form of an objection
- Pay the prescribed fees 100/- R.O
- Submit the supportive documents to the objection 

- Fill the application form (by printing) which contains:
a. Form 1: registration form
b. Form 2: receipt of form submission
c. Form 3: copy of the trademark
- 7 copies of the trademark in the size 6×6 shall be stuck at all of the forms and shall be self adhesive, clear and similar. 5 additional copies of trademark shall be attached to the application form.
- Attached documents: 

 (For Omani companies and establishments)
a. Copy of the commercial register
b. Copy of the specimen signature
c. Signatures on all the form by one of the signatories

                      (For foreign companies)
a. Agency agreement certified in sultanate of Oman
b. Copy of the commercial register or articles of association
c. A certified translation of the agency and commercial register
- Fees of application submission: 50/- R.O
- Fees of publication in the official gazette: 50/- R.O for ministry of commerce and industry and 50/-R.O for ministry of legal affairs.
- Fees of trademark registration: 50/- R.O
- The owner shall publish the trademark in one daily newspaper   

Through contacting the world intellectual property organization WIPO on the following address:
Phone: 0041223388686, from 9 am to 5 pm (CET) 3am to 11 am (US time)

First, reserve the trade name, then visit the ministry’s front desk or one of the available service centers (Sanad offices, law firms, auditing offices) to fill the required registration forms and to provide copies of personal IDs of partners and authorized signatories.
The fees are OMR 33 for individual business owner and OMR 43 for fourth degree businesses. Fees can vary depending on the company's capital and added activities.

Please follow the following link to learn about the activities.

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Firstly – Omani Partners:

1. Provide a “Certificate of No Criminal Record” issued by the Royal Oman Police.
2. Provide a statement of account issued by the investor’s bank covering the last 3 months to demonstrate the financial solvency of the investor and  to disclose an overview of the shares and funds owned by the investor in Omani institutions or companies.
3. Provide the registration documents for legal firms and provide a copy of the investor’s final accounts documents.

Second: foreign partners
1. Provide a “Certificate of No Criminal Record” issued by the authorities in the country of origin of the foreign investor showing that the investor was not involved in any criminal activity.

2. For normal investors, provide proof of possession of any institution or company in their country of origin certified by the relevant authorities with a copy of the final accounts of the registered institution or company. Note: 3 years should have passed since the institution or company was registered.

3. For legal persons, provide certified legal documents for the Commercial Registration with a copy of the final accounts of the registered institution or company. Note: 3 years should have passed since the institution or company was registered.

Third: partners residing in Oman

1. Provide written consent from the investor’s sponsors allowing them to enter as founders of the new company.
2. Provide proof of the source of funds invested through the provision of bank statements or any evidence of any funds or shares the investor owns in companies inside or outside of Oman.

Reserving the trade name is done through service centers and will be approved by the staff of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Trade name regulations are found on the ministry's website on the following link:

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Trade Name: is the name that is adopted by a certain business venture for commercial purposes, although it is commercial, it is used in legal contracts and other official positions.

Trademark: Is a symbol or logo or letters or anything that is considered a sign or evidence of the company.