MOCI in Brief

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry was established pursuant to the Sultani Decree No. 40/74 comprising three directorates general: D.G. of Commerce, D.G. of Industry and the head office of the Ministry, besides the office Commerce and Industry in Dhofar Governorate. As the responsibilities and work have expanded, other structural classifications have been added and became as follows:
-          D.G. Of Planning And Follow-Up
-           D.G. Of Administration And Financial Affairs
-          D.G. Of Commerce
-          D.G. Of Industry
-          D.G. Of Specifications and Metrology
-          D.G. Of Development of Small and Medium Enterprises
-          D.G. Of Organizations and Commercial Relations
-          D.G. Of Commerce and Industry at Dhofar Governorate
-          D.G. Of Commerce And Industry at Al Batinah Region.
-          Commercial Office of Sultanate Of Oman In Dubai.
With other sub classifications. Also, the Ministry established the Sultanate office at the WTO for the purposes of negotiations with the Organization in various issues, and follow up the Sultanate obligations and recommendations in coordination with other concerned establishments.
The Jurisdictions of Ministry of Commerce and Industry promulgated
Under the Sultani Decree No. 102/2005
1.      Promote and develop commercial, industrial and mining relations between the Sultanate and other countries, enhance cooperation with regional and international organizations by participation in trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences organized by such organizations, and represent the Sultanate in relevant events.
2.     Develop rules and regulations to govern and consolidate the Sultanate’s relations with the World Trade Organization ‘WTO’ and other international, regional and Arab trade organizations.
3.     Recommend the policies and plans necessary for activation of commerce, industry and minerals sectors to contribute in the development of Oman economy.
4.     Work towards proper implementation of the laws within its jurisdictions, prepare the regulations required therefore and control commercial companies and other enterprises as per the applicable laws and regulations.
5.     Regulate imports and exports procedures to ensure availability of main goods and products, quality and stability of their prices on local markets, and publish commercial information thereon for the protection of consumers.
6.     Collect data and statistics and conduct research for the purpose of development plans implementation and increasing productivity in trade, industry and mining fields.
7.     Carry out technical studies to develop the industrial field and evaluate its projects and enterprises.
8.     Design and recommend plans, programs and studies, including geological surveys, mining and minerals production and marketing to ensure optimum utilization of mineral resources.
9.     Protect intellectual property rights in compliance with relevant laws and conventions, in collaboration with concerned bodies.
10.    Monitor and inspect commercial shops involved in selling of artistic works to ensure that the materials offered for sale are original and conform to the declared standards, in collaboration with concerned bodies.
11.    Grant commercial, industrial and mining licenses, as well as professional licenses that fall within its jurisdictions, and register companies, commercial agencies, trade and industrial marks.
12.      License establishment and operation of petrol stations and LPG storage and selling stations, and monitor the sale and distribution of the said products all over the Sultanate.
13.     Carry out inspection and testing services in the laboratories affiliated to the Ministry for standardization and calibration purposes.
14.    Streamline and facilitate investor services.
15.   Work towards the development of the Ministry’s human resources to ensure the effective achievement of its goals

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