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Business Umbrella Program is an important awareness program organized by the Directorate General of Industry in Ministry of Commerce and Industry through the department of industrial development.
This program was instituted in 1991 under the name “administrative development program for Omani Factories officials” which aimed at promoting the industrial growth and developing the administrative skills of Omani officials at the factories”.
The importance of this program is derived from its role in enhancing the Country’s resources and increasing the industrial sector contribution in the gross national income. Since its inauguration, this program was directed to Omani youth who manage their own business, or to those who are planning to start a business.
This program started by training the Omani officials at the factories internally by conducting workshop delivered by experts from the government and private sector. Also they were trained by sending them abroad to one of the industrial developed countries to get knowledge about the modern marketing and technology.
In 2003, the program was reformed in order to be a specialized program for the default enterprises in cooperation with Bank Muscat. Intensive workshops had been conducted in the Ministry for 10 days in the afternoon. The lectures and symposiums continued; however, travelling abroad had been suspended due to lack in financial and human resources.
In 2004, the organizers from the government sector improved the program by getting assistance from businessmen and women and agreed on changing the name of the program to “Business Umbrella”. The program has become a consultancy, training and entertaining program and its subjects were selected by the businessmen to serve the economic sector and increase competency and production.
The D.G of industry designs the annual training programs upon requests of businessmen in order to fulfill their needs in this sector. 

1. Train and qualify the Omani youth in business and industry.
2. Assist factories’ official in developing their administrative skills according to modern principles.
3. Strength the relations among businessmen and exchange their experience.
4. Change the tourism destinations to be a gathering of businessmen for investment attraction.
5. Keeping Pace with the changing era and establish connections between businessmen and government officials through the program website.
6. Give the chance for experienced individual initiatives for consultancies through the program website.

The program's title for this year is:

"Leadership Skills And Building A Leadership."

  • - Qualify new leaders in addition to the former ones. 
    - Give attention to the issue of developing leaders qualified to deal and interact effectively with recent developments. 
    - Assist factories' official in developing their administrative skills according to modern principles.
    - Strength the relations among businessmen and exchange their experience.
  • - Reinforce the positives of an organization and minimize the negatives as possible. 
    - Solve work problems, settle disagreements. 
    - Develop and train the organization human resources. 
    - Keeping pace with the surrounding variables.  
    - Assist the organization in achieving the planed goals.
  • This program will be carried out in three phases: 
    Phase 1: Organizing four qualifying workshops as follows: 
    - Workshop1:
     held in 18-22/12/2010 in Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the title "Develop Leadership Skills and Build a Leader". It covered the following subjects:

    1. The definition of leadership.
    2. Sources of leadership authority. 
    3. Means of influence.
    4. Characteristics of the leader.
    5. The leader skills.
    6. Leadership theories.
    7. The difference between leadership and management.
    8. Successful leader skills. 
    9. Leadership in Islam.

    - Workshop2: will be held in 26/2/2011 under the title:"Leadership and Components of Leadership Position". It will cover the following subjects: 
    1. Leadership concept and theories. 
    2. The difference between a leader and a manager. 
    3. Various patterns of leadership and defining the leadership pattern for the trainee. 
    4. The ideal pattern for leadership in governmental organizations. 
    5. Defining sides of group work for organization success. 
    6. How to build, manage and develop specialized work groups. 
    7. Negative practices of a leader and its solutions.
    8. Creativity in problem solving and decision making. 
    9. How to define and distribute the responsibilities of successful work groups. 
    10. Examples of International and regional Successful leaders.
    11. The relation between the leadership and modern technology.
    - Workshop3: will be held in 27/3/2011 under the title:"Administrative Capabilities In planning, Organizing, Guiding and Situation controlling". It will cover the following subjects:
    1. The most important characteristic of a good leader.
    2. Authenticity of thinking, creativity in opinion and thinking and ways of creativity.
    3.  Giving an attractive speech to deliver your opinion clearly and spontaneously. 
    4. How to build a leading personality and how to acquire others trust.
    5.  What are the administrative capabilities? … Characteristics ……..  Advantages.
    6. The concept of an ideal leader and its most important characteristics.
    7. Ethics and behavior of ideal leader within the work scope.
    8. Concept of innovation and creativity and most important theories in field.
    9. The relation between the policy of changes and applying creative ideas.

    - Workshop4: will be held in 11/4/2011 under the title:" The Industrial Management ". It will cover the following subjects:
    1. What are the methods of different industrial management?
    2. What are the basic principles of industrial management science?
    3. The industrial modern methods role in developing industrial projects in the Oman.
    4. Nanotechnology in administrative field.
    5. A study on possible efficient investment management.  
    6. How can we diagnose industrial management problems and solve them?
    7. Applying different decisions making methods of in industrial establishments.
    8. Training on developing strategies and annual plans for industrial establishments and defining its national and commercial objectives.

    Phase 2: Travelling abroad to Republic of South Korea:

    A foreign visit will be to the Republic of South Korea from 16-22 /4/ 2011, to get information about the experience of South Korea in industrial development related to: 
    1. Basic skills of directors, leaders and administrative decision makers.
    2. Innovative and creative leadership and preparing team with high performance.
    3. Creativity, administration excellence and achieving leadership creativity.
    4. Planning, creative thinking and strategic management.
    5. Advanced strategic thinking and aims forming.
    6. Advanced management and administrative, creative excellence. 
    In respect of the field visits in the Republic of South Korea, there will be a visit to Korean institutions related to administrative leaders' qualification.  The delegation will explore their experience in this field and in new industrial technology ( R & D Center ). Also, they will visit leadership training centers in the country. Former and new members will participate in this year training program.

    Phase 3: Internal visit to Al Jabal Al Akhdhar:

    There will be A visit to Al Jabal Ala khdhar on October 2011to discuss and evaluate the training program plan of this year, including the results of the visit to the Republic of South Korea and to develop the plan of the next year training program. 


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