Ministry Announcements

Wed, 3/8/2016

Announcement No. 6/ 2016

MOCI requests from the owners of establishments and companies to renew their expired commercial registers (....)

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Mon, 2/5/2016

Announcement No. 4/ 2016

MOCI requests from all establishments and companies which have pilgrims transport activity (....)

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Wed, 30/3/2016

Announcement No. 3/ 2016

The ministry would like to notify investors that duty exemption applications for industrial (....)

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Tue, 2/2/2016

Announcement No. 1/ 2016

MOCI announces (Investment Opportunities Seminar), which will be (....)

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Mon, 30/11/2015

Announcement No. 13/2015

last date for receiving any financial claims related to the year 2015

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Wed, 25/11/2015

Announcement No. 12/2015

Deadline Extension for Sultan Qaboos Award for Industrial Excellence

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