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Mon, 21/9/2015

Announcement No. 10 /2015

MOCI announces the annual competition for His Majesty’s Industrial excellence award for the best five factories 2015

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Mon, 21/9/2015

Sultan Qaboos Industrial excellence award 2015

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announces the annual competition of Sultan Qaboos Industrial excellence award 2015

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Sun, 28/6/2015

8 / 2015

MOCI announces that based on Royal Decree No. 49/2014 establishing the Public Authority for Mining and promulgating (....)

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Mon, 22/6/2015

Announcement 7 / 2015

Effective date of custom exemption decisions for the industrial establishments (....)

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Tue, 21/4/2015

Announcement 6/2015

The General Directorate of Industry in MoCI will conduct the annual industrial survey 2015

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Wed, 15/4/2015

Annoucement 5/2015

The Ministry announces that working hours of Investor Services Department will be extended from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

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