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Announcement 3/2018

Mon, 4/6/2018

The ministry warns all commercial establishments and companies and against the illegal use of the royal emblem (crown, khanjar and two swords) and the national emblem of Oman (khanjar and two swords), as well as the use of the Omani khanjar and the Sultanate’s map on various commercial products, as a trademark, commercial advertisement or on locally made or imported Jewelry, products or other goods without prior permission from the Ministry, thereby violating the provisions of Article (12) on the Law of National Flag, Emblem and Anthem.

The Ministry also requests not to offend Omani clothes, such as Omani dishdasha, Massar and kummah or making any amendments that offend the Omani identity, according to Ministerial Decision No. 270/2015.

The Ministry will take all necessary legal actions against violators and confiscate violated products and impose the fines stipulated in the laws.

The Ministry requests everyone's cooperation by reporting through the Ministry's website, social media channels or contacting the Ministry's offices during working hours for any irregularities in this regard.

Your cooperation is requested for the public interest.


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