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Announcement No. 2/2020

Sun, 16/2/2020

In light of the Ministry’s keenness to provide safe products in the local market, MOCI announces to institutions and companies importing products (cement, iron, and dyes) that there are amendments to the procedure followed when importing such products, as a prior permission must be obtained for conditional release from the General Directorate of Specifications And standards. the following documents must be submitted via Bayan system:

  •   purchase invoice
  •  The manufacturer conformity acknowledgment
  •  The importer conformity acknowledgment
  •  A test report from an internationally accredited third-party laboratory
  •  The ownership or lease of the store
  •  Municipal permit to license the commercial activity and the store

According to the regulation organizing the work of inspection and building and construction materials testing, all shipments will be subject to field inspection by the directorate. Samples of imported products will be taken through the two border entry points (Khatmat milaha, Hafit) before entering the Sultanate and before allowing them to be stored, starting from March 1, 2020 in order to examin them and confirm their compliance to the standard specifications of the Sultanate with the importing company bearing the costs of examination resulting from said procedure.


Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

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