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More than 8,800 commercial agencies introduced during 2018

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Sun, 27/1/2019

Yaquob Al Dabouni:
Correct entries in "Invest Easy" portal prevents chances of rejection of applications for licenses
Non-exclusion of agents help in flow of goods and services, stimulates local market without any monopoly
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry said that the number of commercial agencies which submitted their applications through “Invest Easy” portal between January 1 and December end in 2018 reached to 8,807. They were 631 new commercial agencies, 68 updated or modified commercial agencies, 1,514 renewed commercial agencies and 6,594 cancelled commercial agencies. 
Yaqoub Bin Shaikh Al Dhabouni, Head of Commercial Agencies at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, said: The service provided through the “Invest Easy” portal was to make registration process and its follow up easy for investors.
Al Dabouni said it was important to comply with the requirements of obtaining a commercial agency certificate. For this  a commercial agency contract should be free of any write-off, addition or modification. It has to be duly certified by the competent authority in that country and the Sultanate's embassy there, or certified by Apostil Of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the client's country.  The commercial agency contract should include the name, address and nationality of both the agent and the client and the goods manufactured by the agent indicating the international HS code, its trade name and logo, if any. If there is an agreement between the supplier, the photocopy of the agreement between the supplier and the agency has   to be attached. It should also show the territories of the Sultanate where the products would be distributed. The agreements should also describe the rights and obligations of both the agency and the client and the country where any dispute would be solved, if there is any. It should also mention the validity of the agency, method of renewal, automatic or with the approval of the parties, geographic limits of the agency and all other elements of the agreement of the parties.
When applying for a license for a commercial agency, the application form used for the registration has to be filled with attaching original contract, its photocopy, its accredited translation into Arabic, copy of the membership card of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In case if the commercial agent (company) wants to include import as part of its activities, at the time of amendment, addition or deletion of any clause of the agreement, its application has to be signed by all the parties and approved, he said.   
Al Dabouni said that the the deletion of commercial agencies which have already expired 3 months back through the portal "Invest easily" was implementation of Articles 15 and 17 of the Commercial Agencies Law issued under the Royal Decree No. 26/77. It helps in saving commercial agencies from paying late fines and make their presence legal in the Sultanate.
Yaqoub Al Dabouni said that whosoever submits an application for a commercial agency license through self-service must first ascertain that the data entered was correct, before paying the fees. This is because if there would be mistakes in applications, the investor will bear the responsibility of the amounts paid in case of rejection of the application. The experts in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry do not have the authority to make the changes in the application. He said that the transactions should be done through the Sanad offices as the best way because the ministry has given them the authority.

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