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Standard specifications for flavouring powders of artificial beverages

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Sun, 12/5/2019

The standard specifications for flavouring powders of artificial beverages GSO 848/2010 explains standards for packed food item labels, health conditions and as well as other rules and regulations for food item factories and workers. It also talks about methods for testing coloured materials used in foodstuffs and methods for estimating their contaminating of metal elements.

Ibtisam bint Habib bin Mohammed Al-Riyamiya, a chemist at the food chemist's laboratory at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said: Instant powders are artificial fruit flavoured powders produced from one or more artificial or natural, or semi natural flavours of fruit. They have some substances which are allowed to be added when mixed with water or water and sugar together and which makes a drink similar to fruit juice. 

There are many types of powders, which are sugar sweetening powders, non-sweetened powders and artificially sweetening powders. There are many types of powders such as vitamin C, folic acid, iron and potassium added to them in certain proportions. In addition to this, it is also allowed to add certain colouring materials in specific proportions so that the taste and colour can be matched with the natural fruit, she said.

Ibtisam Al-Riyamiya urged the consumers to follow the tips and instructions available in the food card attached to each of these products. These products must be stored in appropriate climatic conditions and the instructions on how to prepare the drink, as shown on the packaging should be abided. However, she maintains that the drinks remained artificial and has artificial flavours and colours similar to the natural items. But they have vitamins and some useful minerals.

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