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More than 2,000 commercial agencies registered last year

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Sun, 11/3/2018

The MOCI said that the number of commercial agencies registered between January 1 and December 31,2017 reached  to 2,497. All these resistrations were made through the "Invest Easy". They included 753 new commercial agencies, 55 updated commercial agencies, 1,676 renewal of commercial agencies and 13 cancellation of commercial agencies.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry said that the portal "Invest Easy" was made available to make the process of registration for investors and their follow ups easy. The ministry is continuously working to simplify the procedures for investors and entrepreneurs by transferring all its services to be self-service electronic system.

The ministry also urges investors, companies and owners of small and medium enterprises to use the services provided at "Invest Easy" portal which can help them expand the activities of their companies to increase their market share and contribute to their own development and growth.

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