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75 Requests to Exempt the Import of Equipment, Spare parts, and primary raw materials

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Sun, 12/11/2017

“MoCI” More than 1000 Authorizations for GCC to get exempted on the import of industrial Facilities in Q3 of this year


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry seeks through providing their services electronically to facilitate and increase the flow of the goods movement, coming into or leaving the Sultanate; moreover, decreasing the cost of export and import processes, promote the partnership between the Public Administration for Customs in Oman Royal Police and different segments of commercial society, encourage local and foreign investments and attract capitals, in addition to promoting the Sultanate position globally in the field of border trade according to the international standards and indicators, uniting the procedures, justice and equality in dealing, saving effort, time and money for the commercial society, increasing the custom income, stop the smuggling, stop tax and fees evasion, stop the commercial fraud, and finally, providing statistics about world trade which will be involved in setting economic and developmental plans and feasibility studies.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry clarified that the number of industrial transactions finished from the Directorate General for Industry through “Bayan” system in Q3 of the year 2017 has reached (1065) for GCC Model (B) to get imports of industrial facilities exempted. Moreover, the number of custom exemption requests reached (75), for imports of equipment, spare parts, and primary raw materials. It is worth mentioning that (41) ministerial decisions were issued for custom exemption directly from the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry pointed out that having a commercial register is a main condition to get the custom exemption, according to “Nezam” act for the unified industrial organization for GCC, issued by the Royal Decree No. 61 \ 2008, its executive regulation, and the two ministerial decisions No. 56 and 66 in the year 2009 issued from the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry assured that “Bayan” system contributes facilitating procedures, decreasing the transaction time, as it is possible for the industrial facilities to submit their claims online without coming to the Ministry. Moreover, the company can follow up with their request and the direction of the transaction, along with any additional notes. Not to mention, this system conforms the names of material, equipment, and the systemic numbers which used to cause many problems.

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