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418.5kg gold hallmarked in Dhofar

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Sun, 19/3/2017

The directorate general of standards and monitoring of precious metals in Dhofar hallmarked 418.5 kg of gold in 2016, according to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The ministry said it attached high priority to monitor the precious metals and stones to check illegal trade and to protect merchants and consumers from fraud by exporters and workshops workers.

The ministry has warned of strict action against those in the precious metals industry indulging in customs evasion.

It pointed out that the precious metals laboratory hallmarks gold, analyses them and defines its carat and the percentage of precious metal in it.

It also undertakes analyses of rocks and sand containing precious metal and defines its percentage, in addition to analysing the gold and silver papers used in painting furniture.

The ministry has urged the customers to ensure that there are Arabic numbers indicating the carat of gold or silver and platinum in the products they buy.

Certain marks are also there to ensure genuineness such as the dagger symbol for gold and tower for platinum.

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