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MOCI accepting applications for import permits of steel through Bayan system

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The MOCI has started receiving applications for steel import permits which is used for reinforcement of concrete through a single window system popularly known as 'Bayan'.

Companies, traders and importers who want to import steel shipments for concrete reinforcement are urged to submit their applications with this system. Applications should be submitted the Directorate General for Specifications and Measurements and should be enclosed with certificate of the importer's declaration about conformity, certificate issued by a third party laboratory, and a copy of the purchase invoice.

Regulation of labour market

Eng. Idris bin Hassan bin Abbas Al-Sinan, civil engineer in the department of conformity at the Directorate-General for Specifications and Measurements, said: The decision is aimed at regulating the labour market in regards with the import of building materials ensuring  conformity of these materials with the standard specifications for the public safety in all industrial, residential and commercial establishments.

3 parts

The GSOISO6935 steel standard for concrete reinforcement is aimed at determining the requirements of the steel used in the concrete reinforcement. The specification is divided into 3 parts: smooth bars, extruded rods, welded mesh, and each part has the technical requirements of various types which include the dimensions, tensile and bending properties.

Al Sinan urged companies, traders and importers who want to import steel shipments for concrete reinforcement to comply with the standard specifications in the Sultanate as per the ministerial decision no. 213/2016.

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