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MOCI helps innovators in preliminary search of ideas of invention and its outcome

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Mon, 8/6/2020

The MOCI is making huge efforts to help innovators in conducting preliminary search of the ideas of the invention and reaching to a conclusion. This is so that the innovator knows the power of his idea and the possibility of protecting it by searching the documents similar or closer to the idea in international databases to save their efforts, money and time as well as prevent duplication of ideas and focus On new and qualitative ideas. The ministry also gives technical advice to the innovators regarding the utilization of the existing patents in various databases of the inventions. These patents have technical information due to their scientific value for the development of local patents. This makes the transfer of technology from this invention easy and benefiting from it locally. It provides an environment conducive for innovators and helps them innovate and protect their rights.
The Ministry said that the number of patent applications registered remotely during April and May were 35 from the total 162 applications registered during this period. Of them 12 applications were for patents related to countering the effects of the Corona virus to join the list of scientific, technical, and preventive efforts made to confront the virus. There are other applications under the process of registration and the experts are doing follow up of these applications. Also, there were 20 trademark applications registered during the period, including those of electronic applications for providing services to the society. Three applications were filed for literary works.

Ruqaiyyah Bint Mohsin Al-Harrasiah, a patent specialist at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, said: The massive spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19) in many countries of the world led to a new reality and challenge which pushed to use maximum creative potential in the pursuit of vaccine, medical examination methods and preventive and surveillance tools. This also led to remodeling of technology to work or study from home or monitoring disease and devising new ways and means to help fight the deadly epidemic.

Due to inability in development of a medicine or vaccine to cure Corona virus, the virus infection emerged as a major fear. This has prompted many individuals and institutions in various sectors to bring out hundreds of new innovations, whether tools, devices or systems to confront the threat of corona virus transmission and its prevention, she said.

Ruqaiyyah Al-Harasiyya said that many innovations came as new technical solutions or improvement of previous inventions. They included means for early detection of disease or methods of sterilization or prevention of virus infection as well as electronic applications related to it.
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has invited innovators, researchers, small enterprises and owners of innovative ideas in April 2020 to help in addressing the situation arising due to the spread of the pandemic in various areas.

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