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Examining (744) Samples in the Laboratories of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Q1 2017

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Sun, 27/8/2017

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry clarified that the number of samples that were examined in the laboratories in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry which are: the food-chemicals laboratory, the general chemical laboratory, physical laboratory, materials laboratory, microbiology laboratory, and domestic devices laboratory through Q1 in the year 2017 has reached 744, in compare with the same period in the past year when 893 samples were examined.

The Department of Statistics in the Ministry pointed out that the number of samples examined in the food-chemical laboratory reached 130, in the general chemical laboratory reached 205, while the ones examined in the physical and materials laboratory reached 85, 305 samples examined in the microbiology laboratory, and finally 19 samples examined in the domestic devices laboratory.

The Ministry said: The microbiology laboratory has examined the biggest number of samples in the first quarter of this year followed by the general chemical laboratory, this is due to the samples coming from companies, factories, and individuals who wanted examinations.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry assured that it is paying attention to the laboratories in the Directorate general for standards and metrology, this is for its importance in the economic system, efficient impact in developing the knowledge and innovation, in addition to the society segments need for it. These laboratories also protects traders and importers from commercial fraud, whether imported or exported from the Sultanate, assuring that the importance of the laboratories falls within safety-assurance of all the goods in the market, on the level of manufacturers and producers, as it affect developing their industries, uplifting their products, and its support when it comes to marketing their products whether in the local or international market, achieving the transparent and just competition.

The Ministry invited manufacturers, investors, and consumers to benefit from the examination services provided by the laboratories of the Ministry of the Directorate General for Standards and metrology, to assure the safety of their products, also for the processes of import and export. 

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