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Practice Tests of Laboratory Efficiency in the field of examining concrete went through Successfully

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Sun, 12/11/2017

Rahma Al Balushi:

Practice tests of laboratory efficiency contributes improving and enhancing the quality of the participant laboratories test results.


Zahra Al Seyabia:

Practice tests for laboratory efficiency in the field of examining concrete is in cooperation with gulf measurement authority and the Indonesian technical products and material center.


Engineer Hamud Al Harethy:

93% of the laboratory evaluation results were 89% when it comes to weight test in regards to pressure resistant




The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, represented in the Directorate General for Standards and Metrology has organized and implemented practice tests of laboratory efficiency in the field of examining concrete for the first time in the Sultanate. Samples were gathered and examined in Physics laboratory in the Ministry, afterwards, they were distributed to different participant laboratories, and then they analyzed the results and issued its final report.


14 Participant Laboratories


Rahma bint Darwish Al Balushia, the director of the department of tests in the Directorate General for Standards and Metrology said: the number of laboratories that participated in this program were 14, including 11 that are governmental and private in the Sultanate and 3 from UAE. The program tested the laboratories efficiency of the participants, this is in the field of examining concrete to make sure of the accuracy, efficiency and quality of the test results, whether in the local or foreign laboratories, which will contribute improving and raising the quality of the results for the participant laboratories.


The First of its Kind


From her part, Zahra bint Ali Al Seyabia, the president of Accreditation Department in the Directorate General for Standards and Metrology pointed out that the practice tests of laboratories efficiency in the field of examining concrete is in cooperation and coordination with Gulf Measurement Authority and the technical products and materials center following the Ministry of Industry in Indonesia, which is considered to be the first of its kind in the Sultanate, as the accreditation department coordinates the participation of the Sultanate laboratories in the programs of practice tests for laboratory efficiency from parties that cooperate with foreign parties; for example, China, Korea, Singapore, France, New Zealand and other laboratories all over the world to exchange experiences.




The president of the Accreditation Department said: as for this program, it is the first time ever that the Sultanate, represented in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry organizes such an event in the field of examining concrete. Moreover, there were many phases in the program, starting from preparing samples and examining them to make sure of their stability, then transporting and distributing them to different laboratories, receiving tests and analyzing them, then finally, issuing the final report, assuring that this phase took about 6 months to be finished.


How to Prepare Samples?


As for getting the benefit of this program and how the samples given to laboratories were prepared, the time line and evaluating the participant laboratories, the engineer Hamid bin Ayesh Al Harethy, the president of Physics and Construction Material laboratory in the Directorate General for standards and Metrology said that: the main purpose behind establishing such a program is to evaluate the performance of these laboratories by comparing different results in the tests of pressure resistance. Some tests were under the supervision of physics and construction material laboratory and accreditation department in the Directorate, as the laboratory provided the participant laboratories with the necessary information to participate. Moreover, they prepared the samples inside the lab, test and evaluate it to make sure of its stability before being distributed to different participant laboratories. Afterwards, the results were received to be analyzed and evaluated.


Good Results

As for the evaluation of the test results of the laboratory efficiency for laboratories, Engineer Hamud Al Harethy said: the results were perfect, 93% for weight tests and 89% for pressure resistance, which is a good percentage. All the participant laboratories, whether local or foreign, praised the program for the exerted efforts by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the good organization and results analysis, this is for the returned benefits in improving the quality of their results and knowing their points of weakness, if there any.


Examining More than 25 Types of Samples


As for the business done by physics and construction materials laboratory, following the directorate general for standards and metrology, the engineer Hamod Al Harethy pointed out that the laboratory analyzes and examines more than 25 types of samples to make sure of its conformity to the metrological standards, like cement, sands, concrete, and other materials. Some materials are being supervised by private laboratories as well.

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