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MOCI wants owners of filling stations to provide best services

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Sun, 4/2/2018

Yaqoub Al Dabouni: Establishment of gas stations not only a commercial investment; It is an economic and trade service and face of the country.

590 filling stations in the Sultanate by 2017 end.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is urging the oil product marketing companies, owners and operators of the filling stations to provide best services in a decent and respectable manner which shows the Sultanate as a future economic and tourist destination. For this, they need to adhere to the regulations for the establishment of these filling stations.

Yaqoub bin Shaikh Al Dabouni, head of the petroleum products licensing department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, said that the establishment of gas stations was not only a commercial investment. It is also an economic and commercial service and a face of the country. He emphasised on setting up more fuel stations in the Sultanate with best services which can leave good impression on those who visit the Sultanate.

Al Dabouni pointed out that the number of commercial fuel filling stations in the various governorates of the Sultanate by the end of 2017 reached to 590, of which 23 stations of Oman Petroleum, Shell and Maha were opened last year. 

Most filling stations in Muscat

Yaqoub Al Dabouni said that the number of filling stations in the Muscat governorate was 144, which is largest in any governorate of the Sultanate. This is followed by North Batinah with 97 filling stations and Al Dakhliya with 63 stations and Dhofar with 60 filling stations. There are 50 stations recorded to be in South Batinah, 41 in South Sharqiya, 39 in North Sharqiya, 33 in Al Dhahirah and 33 in Al Wusta governorate. The number of filling stations in Al Buraimi is 19 and in Musandam 11.

Temporary Licenses

Yaqoub Al Dabouni said that there were 26 filling stations across the country which got temporary licenses in the stage of implementation of the projects in 2017.  There were also 44 forms which have been approved by the ministry for the purpose. These forms have come from various governorates of the country. They are now with the concerned government agencies to get their approval.

He said that there were 13 diesel stations set up in 2017 and they are serving government and private projects. They include 4 stations of Shell Oman Marketing Company, 7 stations for Oman Oil and two of Al Maha. There are also 54 applications in the process.

Programme (My fuel)

Al Dabouni said that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with the National Center for Statistics and Information, has launched evaluation system for fuel filling stations' services through the application "My Fuel.” This application allows those who use these filling stations to evaluate their services by downloading it, entering into it and selecting the location of the filling station before evaluating their services. It requires the user' email address and password. Then the ministry looks into the matter and contacts the oil marketing companies.

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