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“Commerce and Industry” contributes in raising the culture of safe use of roads and transportation means

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Mon, 7/8/2017

In the context of the efforts of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to increase the traffic awareness and how it helps in reducing road accidents as well as its participation in the traffic safety competition 2017, different directorates of the ministry have formed teams to contribute in raising the culture of safe use of roads and means of transportation.

Team leader Ahlam Bint Masoud Al Marhoubiyah said: the participation of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the traffic safety competition has arisen from the concept of enhancing the culture of safe use of roads and means of transportation because of the importance of spreading awareness and guidance for exporters, dealers and their users for all its importance concerning the safety of driver and passenger.

She added: the team aims at identifying society and institutions on the basis of safety of the vehicle concerning the display of methods of its durability test before being set on roads as well as knowing the precautions followed in using the different safety tools attached with the vehicle in order to reduce damages caused by accidents to raise the awareness and culture of use of the consumer. Hereby, the motto of the campaign has been chosen as “Safety of Your Route”.

She referred that choosing such motto “Safety of Your Route” has been as such because the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has a relation concerning some parts that are related to traffic safety of the means of transportation and all different shapes and kinds of vehicles, as well as setting the standard specifications of manufacturing, exporting, methods of conservation and some instructions for vehicles’ owners. 

The team leader asserted saying: “the campaign is based on the concept of traffic safety which aims at adopting all lines, programs, traffic regulations and precautions to reduce road accidents as a guarantee for the safety of the human being and his properties as well as the safety of  the human and economic components and that of the country. The team has held seminars and cultures in different governmental and private institutions to spread the awareness of the importance of the traffic safety.

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