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967 certificates of release for toys

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Sun, 9/8/2020

To ensure safety of children, the MOCI has urged consumers to choose toys which are appropriate for their age. Usually the appropriate age for each toy is written on the card of each toy, according to the Gulf Technical Regulation for Children’s Toys No. BD131704-01 which is aimed at determining mandatory requirements for the safety of children's toys. All these requirements must be met by all toys before they are pushed in the market.

The Ministry said that the number of release certificates issued for children's toys from the beginning of January till the end of June 2020 reached 967.

The Directorate General of Standards and Metrology pointed out that the regulation included a number of general requirements for safety in children's toys so that toys or chemicals which they contain are safety or healthy of users and should not harm anybody during use. The regulation also stipulated that no lead or other chemical is allowed more than the quantity permitted by it. The children’s toys are not allowed to have any elements or materials which emit any nuclear radiation which is harmful to the health of children.

The Ministry has also clarified that the technical regulations for children’s toys are applied to products designed or directed exclusively to be played by children under the age of 14, and the list includes products that are not toys.

The MOCI stresses that the warnings and instructions written on children's toys must be read carefully. It is also required to ensure that they carry Gulf Conformity Badge on the toy, as it indicates that the toy meets the basic requirements for safety as mentioned in the technical regulations.

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