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Ministry receives 11,800 requests for trademarks

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Sun, 12/2/2017

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has received 11,892 requests for national and international trademarks, patents, industrial models, and copyrights in 2016.

According to Ahmed Bin Muhammad Al Sa’eedy, the director of intellectual property department in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, they included 11,340 requests for national and international trademarks, 369 requests for patents, 14 requests in the field of industrial models, and 169 requests for copyrights.

Al Sa’eedy said: “The Sultanate pays high attention to intellectual property, and has joined many international agreements and conventions related to intellectual property, and issued royal decrees related to this matter, along with formulating laws and legislation that seek to protect intellectual property rights.”

The purpose of the trademark is to make it easy for parties to know the source of manufacture and sale of products, so that they won’t mix with similar goods in the market, as trademarks are stamped on the product to distinguish it from other products.

The service mark sign is used to differentiate certain services from others.

The trademark is defined as a mark that can be schematically imaged, helping to differentiate between certain goods (trademark) or services (service mark) produced by some facility, and similar products produced by others. The mark can be simple words (including personal names), drawings, letters, colors, or numbers.

It can also be the shape of the product or its packing. Sometimes the trademarks are stereoscopic images, geographical coordinates, sounds, scents, or taste, and if they can’t be protected as a copyright, it is protected as a trademark, he said.

The director of intellectual property department said that those who desire to register a trademark should submit the request at the department of the directorates in provinces on the specially made model.

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