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brochure Gulf Technical Regulation

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Publishing Date: Thu 1/8/2019


Publisher Name: Ministry of Commerce & Industry

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Publishing Channel: Digital,Printed

Author Name: Ministry of Commerce & Industry

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The issuance of this regulation is aimed to achieve integration and conjunction of the
Gulf common market, and ensure the safety and quality of the goods that enter the
Member States markets, for the safety and the interest of their citizens, and promoting
of the path of economic integration going along with the customs union requirements
in the member states to contribute to the trade, bolster Gulf economy, maintain and
preserve the gains of Gulf member states and reduction of technical barriers to trade.
GSO seeks through the issuance of this regulation to the economic operators benefits
by developing harmonized procedures for Gulf conformity assessment and standards
that will facilitate the movement of goods into the Member States and between them.
By removing the technical barriers, the Gulf market competition will be consolidated
so that to sell safety and safe products with regard to the health and consumer safety
that must be fulfilled on all low voltage electrical equipment to allow placing them on the
market and then move freely in the Customs Union area.

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